I wanna see pictures of your lowest moment from 2013 go

I was in a Toy Story play.


And I loved it.


You’re an inspiration to us all

please explain how this was your lowest point

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adulthood is just an endless stream of phone calls you don’t want to make but have to

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1. Sneak out in the middle of the night with someone you like. Drive to the middle of nowhere or simply just watch the stars and the moon from the roof of a car. Talk about the universe and everything in between.

2. Draw. Sculpt. Or write. Put your tangled thoughts into art. Show it to someone or hide it under your bed.

3. Put yourself first sometimes. Do what you love even if your friends or parents tell you otherwise. Wear the clothes you want and listen to the music your heart desires. Don’t fall under the pressure of pleasing others.

4. Spend an hour or two alone every day. Go to a coffee shop and sit by the window. Bring your favorite book even though you’ve probably read it a hundred times and look at the different people surrounding you.

5. Go out at night. Perhaps with your best friend. Dress up for once and make sure to feel beautiful and classy. In case you’re a girl put on a shade of red lipstick and curl your hair. There is just something strangely exciting about looking like you got it all together when deep down you’re a nervous wreck.

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It’s easy, you know, to write this off as some teenage love story that doesn’t have a happy ending. After all, not many love stories do. But you used to say my name like it was something holy, and I fell for you far too fast and far too hard. You promised me forever, once, and I wish I could have told you then that forever wasn’t yours to give, but I took it anyway because God, I wanted forever. I wanted you and I and that white picket fence, I wanted that small piece of a happily ever after.
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